Mostafa works with senior business leaders, managers, and staff to effectively develop knowledge and innovation in companies. He has led change management initiatives and the development of enterprise strategic management frameworks to strategically manage organizational knowledge and innovation. His holistic approach to innovation and leadership has enabled him to add value to organizations’ bottom lines over the course of his career. Working in various countries also assists global and domestic leaders to minimize the business risks of working across cultures and with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, enhance their intercultural effectiveness, and deliver innovation and business results.

In recognition of his work with Australian Institute of Management and Australian Human Resources Institute, he has been awarded the titles, “Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management” (AFAIM), “Certified Professional Manager” (CPMgr)” and “Certified Professional in Human Resources” (CAHRI).

Mostafa is a professional case writer and a globally recognized author and a contributor to California Management Review Insights (UC Berkeley Haas), Rutgers Business Review (The State University of New Jersey), SAM Advanced Management Journal (Society for Advancement of Management), Muma Business Review (The University of South Florida), Muma Case Review (The University of South Florida), The Case Center (Cranfield University Press), The European Business Review, The European Financial Review, The World Financial Review, Management Consulting Journal (Chartered Management Institute), Business Information Review (SAGE Publishing), IGI Global, American Management Association Quarterly, EDGE Journal, International HR Adviser Quarterly, Canadian Management Centre Quarterly, Canadian Business Journal, Canadian Business Quarterly, Industrial Management (Norcross Georgia), Integral Leadership Review (co-author of Level Up Leadership Theory), HR Florida Review, ISE: Industrial & Systems Engineering at Work, and Diplomat Magazine and has authored Over 900 Articles, Columns, Cases, Teaching Notes and Books and writes a monthly column for Conscious Company Magazine, TD Magazine, HR Future Magazine, SHRM Executive Network, Consulting Magazine,, ColoradoBiz, and People Management Magazine (UK) and his work has been featured in these top-flight business publications.  

In 2022, he collaborated on a Muma Business Review article, "A New Era of Culture Shaping Has Emerged". The authors proposed a model for business culture in the new world. In 2023, he collaborated on many Muma Business Review articles, such as "The Magic Spark Model" and "The Impact Model".  His newest Muma Business Review articles on "Leadership in the AI World", "Design Thinking" and "Strategic Change Leadership" will be published in 2024.

His first California Management Review Insights article on "Knowledge-powered Strategy" was published in 2022. In 2023, he also collaborated on a California Management Review Insights article, "How to Adapt to AI in Strategic Management". The authors proposed a model for strategic leadership in the AI age. His other California Management Review Insights articles on "AI Accountability" and "Corporate Social Innovation" were published in 2023. His other California Management Review Insights articles on "Leadership in the DEI World" and "Social Innovation" were published in 2024. His newest California Management Review Insights article on "AI Systems" was also published in 2024.

In 2024, he also collaborated on a Rutgers Business Review case study on the key secterts of innovation at Tesla

He was nominated for the CMCE Research Awards (Centre for Management Consulting Excellence) in 2024 in the UK, featured as the author of The Best Blog of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) in 2020 in the US, and earned The Best Paper Award at the Academy of Business Research Conference for 2019 in Canada. He also served as a reviewer for the prestigious SAM Advanced Management Journal and the Academy of Management Conference (Management Consulting Division).

Mostafa believes in fixing Capitalism to better tackle Climate Change, suggests a new approach to Strategic Mangement in the age of AI disruptions, and presents new insights into HRM in the Post-Blockchain era. He has authored Post-Pandemic Recovery Book and his most recent book is The Future of Business, which has been published in Motivational Training in Tampa, Florida. He is the Founder of The Magic Spark Model (University of South Florida), The Impact Model (University of South Florida), The DEI Leadership Model (UC Berkeley, Haas), The Corporate Social Innovation Model (UC Berkeley, Haas), The Competency-based Recruitment Model (University of South Florida) and The AI-powered Data Management Model (UC Berkeley Haas), AI-powered Strategic Management (UC Berkeley Hass), Digital Transformation Model (SAGE Journals), Grid Organizational Development (OD) Model for Higher Education (Society for Advancement of Management/the oldest professional management society based in The Villages in Florida), Digitalization Consultancy Model (Chartered Management Institute), AI-powered Management Consulting Model (Chartered Management Institute), The Future Leadership Education Model (The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers), Transformational Leadership-Based Management Education Model (Colorado Christian University), Digital Leadership Model (American Management Association), The Dynamic Company Model (Crisis Response Journal), The Innovation Strategy Model (American Management Association), The Practical Model of Knowledge Management (The European Business Review), The Applicable Transformational Leadership (The European Business Review), The Competitive Advantage Model of Knowledge Management (The European Business Review)AI-powered HR Approach (Chartered Managers Canada) and Level Up Leadership Model (Integral Leadership Review) for executives in the real corporate world. 

Mostafa is enthusiastic about the application of AI and drones for business in the future corporate world. In his spare time, he runs and does carpentry.

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